Analysis Of The Book ' Yellow Star ' Essay

1024 Words Nov 12th, 2015 5 Pages
The theme of the book Yellow Star is, the understanding in which the main character of the book experience as a child. It taught me, what it was like for Jews during World War II. Made me feel like I was actually there experiencing the struggle the jews had to go through. I feel as though the treatment was harsh and unnecessary, because all people should be treated equally regardless of one 's race. No human being should ever be left to starve, or freeze to death, or be treated as animals,or being confined to a small area. In this informative; book it also reveals that children are shown no sympathy whatsoever they aren’t really allowed to be children and have fun, because they have to worry about being hurt, or when there next meal will be. Children should be able to live there life in peace and enjoy it, not have it taken away from them because of their race. My main point is, killing and abusing innocent people is not right and definitely not okay.
The characters, the book Yellow Star are, Sylvia Perlmutter, Dora Perlmutter, Father, and Mother. The book was brought to the existence because of the survivor of the holocaust Sylvia Perlmutter, without her nobody would actually know what the true brutality of the holocaust was like, because most survivors would rather not speak of there experience and what it was like. The book is written word from word of all that she’s been through as a child surviving the Ghettos. The ghettos is small apartments, where they shoved…

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