Analysis Of The Book ' The Yellow Wallpaper '

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The Unrest Cure In the short story of “The Yellow Wallpaper”, it is narrated by an unnamed women who had moved into a temporary home with her husband. The woman was allegedly suffering from a form of depression and nervousness that was said to last temporarily. Her husband was a physician and prescribed her the treatment of the “rest cure”, advocated by Dr. Weir Mitchell, whom she would have to see if her condition did not better. Dr. Mitchell wrote an essay “From The Evolution of the Rest Treatment” that spoke of several cases that had good outcomes from the “rest cure” treatment. He came off as sympathetic to those whose work was exhausting such as soldiers and housewives. However, Dr. Mitchell’s treatment took the narrator of “The Yellow Wallpaper” down a completely different path. Though in some cases the “rest cure” was effective in Dr. Mitchell’s patients, the forced inactivity was not a resolution for the narrator. All cures and treatments will not have the same effect on every person, even those whom may have the same diagnosis. Dr. Weir Mitchell seemed to be uncertain about treatments that had been prescribed by saying:
You all know full well that the art of cure rests upon a number of sciences, and that what we do in medicine, we cannot always explain, and that our methods are far from having the accuracy involved in the term scientific. (970)
It is as though he stated such a thing to cover the grounds of any wrong treatment for certain disorders. This would be…

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