Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Lottery ' And The Canterville '

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The short stories “The Lottery” and “The Destructors” are made up of great details that help to form the scenes in the reader’s mind. One story creating profound images of a beautiful, small town concealed in flowers and exhausted tradition; while the other story constructs a reflection of a boyhood gang’s decaying car-park hang-out surrounded by debris and dilapidated buildings. Even though the short stories “The Lottery” and “The Destructors” leave the reader wanting a better understanding of the purpose of the character’s actions, both stories do provide enough foreshadowing for the reader to understand what the conclusions of the stories could be.
Foreshadowing plays a major part in both stories, but more so in “The Lottery”. The piling of stones done by the children of the town, hints toward their usage at some point in the story. Also, the fact that Tessie was the last one to arrive for the lottery, indicated that she was a major part of the plot. In the end, she ends up being the “winner” of the lottery and is stoned to death. Moreover, the fascination with Mr. Thomas’ house by the Wormesley Common Gang could let the reader know that the house is a vital component of the conclusion.
The themes of “The Lottery” and “The Destructors” have some similarities and differences as well. “The Lottery” focuses mainly on the fear of change or the fear of turning away from old traditions. When the idea of ending the lottery was mentioned to Old Man Warner in the story,…

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