Analysis Of The Book ' Redcoats And Rebels ' By Christopher Hibbert

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In historical book Redcoats and Rebels, Christopher Hibbert takes a well-known story of the American Revolution, which is mostly told as a heroic story from the American perspective, and retells it from a perspective of British loyalists incorporating a lot of information from various sources. Although the book “might be useful to students of history as an introduction to historical works the author used for writing it, which are included in bibliography” (p xi), Mr. Hibbert wanted it to be readable and understandable to the general public. By its idea and subject, this book inevitably conveys a message that even the most famous story can seem as a completely new as well as be entertaining and interesting to the audience if shown from a different perspective. It should also be mentioned that the author dedicated this work to Bob and Peg Tessier. Divided in three main parts and an epilogue, Redcoats and Rebels reveals the background as well as the flow of the American War, from the Stamp Act in 1765, over protests and battles, to the Treaty of Paris in 1783. The first part begins with protests and rebellions against British taxes and regulations led by the Sons of Liberty as a response to the passage of the Stamp Act. Vividly describing the causes and effects of Boston Massacre as well as a passage of the Tea Act, the author introduced the course changing event in American history, the act of raging rebels throwing all tea chests from the British ships into the sea as a sign…

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