Analysis Of The Book ' Jim The Cave ' Essay example

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At fifteen Grey had many memorable experiences that would shape his life forever. Grey, struggled as a young man to deal with attention from girls. He found himself to be liked by a few of the town girls, which might have led to his wandering ways as an adult. At this age Grey was able to complete the writing of his first story, which turned into a disaster. Gray had been dreaming of becoming a writer ever since he had encountered the world of books. His father however, had long ago determined that Grey would follow his footsteps and become a dentist. Grey knew that becoming a writer was out of the question, but continued to pursue his dream in secret. Grey titled his first story “Jim the Cave”, but after Dr. Grey heard about it, he investigated and found the budding author’s manuscript and tore it to shreds. Dr. Grey informed his son that there would be no more scribbling and that it was time for him to learn the trade that would one day support him. Because of this Grey created a secret world known only to him and his friends. At the heart of his hidden world Old Muddy Miser who became a mediator between the stifling world of restrictive and the wild imaginative truant life (May 125-131).
As Zane Grey matured into a young man, his father pressured him into following the family practice, dentistry. Forced because of financial stress, Grey and his male siblings worked without licenses. Eventually Dr. Greys practice was well known across many eastern states. During this…

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