Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Invisible Cities '

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In the book “Invisible cities”, Italo Calvino described 55 different cities from Marco polo’s memory. Towards the end of the story, the fifty-five cities made me more and more troubled, as if they were just a city of different character. Marco polo visited Kublai Khan when he was 21 years old at 1,275 A.D. In 1279 the Yuan Dynasty unified the whole China to establish the seventh Chinese Dynasty. Western countries have send numerous messengers to meet with Kublai Khan, but Khan only put Marco Polo into Yuan’s historical records. I think Kublai is atractive by Marco Polo’s cities because he is providing a clue to Kublai himself to fantasize his dream city. And each city in the story display like one of Marco Polo’s dream, and he only remembered a few details about the cities. The allegorical city in the book is fictional and fantastic. However, as the city existence, Calvino showed that the cities are definitely not a sense of absolute illusory. They are existing, but hard to defined, and it leads to another possibility that the existence of urban space – the details. When Marco polo were telling all those cities to Khan, the details of the fictional was realistic, and while he is pursuiting a certain authenticity, it reflects a real state of material properties. When fiction gets more detail, it became more real, and extreme real eventually produced a misty boundless fiction world. Marco Polo takes a whole city apart, and put the parts upside down or switch with another…

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