Analysis Of The Book ' Huckleberry Finn ' Essay

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Chapter Twenty-One Response- Their little sanctuary of a raft has become a stage for the duke and the dauphin to rehearse their little charade. Although lacking in quality, Huckleberry Finn appears impressed and taken by their talent and abilities. But their little escapade is really nothing more than I have previously stated; they are putting on a charade. Jim wasn’t heard much about in this chapter, although I assume that he was still present at this time. The focus on this chapter was geared more towards the duke and dauphins games, as well as the skirmish and death at the end of the chapter. I thought it very strange how calm and collected Sherburn was. He killed a man and still maintained an impeccable poker face. It was made all the more complicated that the victim’s daughter was a witness. This was confusing and left me questioning what had just taken place, and the townspeople seem to agree with me.

Chapter Twenty-Two Response- I feel as though Huck and Jim’s new companions may be con artists and entertainers, but what they are partaking in is a threat. Huck and Jim have a considerable amount of burden and responsibility as it is, and the duke and the dauphin threaten their safety and discretion. I’m sure Jim would agree that his freedom, as well as that of his family, is not worth the risky acquaintanceship of these two lowlifes. Sherburn’s logic and reasoning is quite impressive in comparison to the brash crime he committed with such grace. He…

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