Analysis Of The Book ' Birds On The House ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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In his collection of short stories Tunneling to the Center of the Earth Kevin Wilson wrote “Birds in the House”. Nobio Collier the narrator’s grandmother is a Japanese woman and the mother of four boys. When she died she wrote in her will that the bothers would have a contest “whose outcome I [the narrator] will determine” (Wilson 58) to see who would inherit the family home. A reviewer describes the estate as an “antebellum estate” (Kirkus Reviews 170). In a review the story is described as “four mutually loathing brothers fold hundreds of paper cranes for a contest to determine who will own the family plantation house” (Olson 24). It is because the narrator’s family has had a rough, and violent past that makes them all so damaged, and unpleasant to be around.
The narrator’s family was violent from the very beginning. In the story when the unnamed narrators great, great, great, great grandfather died the family began fighting for ownership of the estate. “The eldest brother was killed, one of the sisters jailed for shooting him, and another sister wandered out into the fields one night and never returned… Dwight Collier, a crooked lawyer… took up residence at Oak Hall until his death” (Wilson 57). From the beginning the house brought the family nothing but problems and hardships because everyone wanted to have ownership of the house.
When the narrator’s grandmother married the grandfather “the Collier name slipped even further around town to the point where there wasn’t…

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