Essay on Analysis Of The Article ' The Exodus From Russia '

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The article “The exodus from Russia” focuses on the migration of Jewish people to America and the way they lived their life. Before their migration, they were seen as an odd group of people in Russia. Even the government planned on creating violence against the Jews. They were prohibited from owning land. The Russians killed many Jewish people thereby destroying their shops and other businesses. They were forced to leave. During World War I, some Jewish people migrated to America. They expected America as the best place to live in which could provide more wages and better life. For example, they could earn the double wage they earn in Russia. Therefore, all the Jewish people wanted to go to America.
Many Jewish women dreamed of going there, getting married and leading a good life. In order to earn money for the travel, they started selling their beds, chairs, tables and other materials. The ships they travelled had bad smell which made it difficult. Still they enjoyed it. They sang Russian songs. All the passengers were excited to get to their new destination. Once they reached in America, they had no money to live but most of the people were good at handicraft. Later they found families and raised children. Also, most of the people were educated even though they were poor and smarter than the Italians.
Most of the people after migrating to America went straightaway to Lower east side of New York City. They lived a life similar to the one in Russia as they met the same…

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