Analysis Of The Article ' New York City Tavern Violence And The Creation Of A Male Working Class Male Identity

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During the nineteenth century, Americans repeatedly used sport, recreation and play to signal their prowess and status to others. However, the ways they did so changed over the course of the century. This paper will use primary sources from this time period to demonstrate and prove this theme, in sports such as prizefighting and horse racing, base-ball clubs and basket-ball.
To demonstrate how the classes used sport, recreation and play to signal their prowess and status to others, the classes must first be defined and established. The article New York City Tavern Violence and The Creation of a Male Working-class Male Identity written by Michael Kaplan provided useful insight, the article goes into detail about the importance of taverns and the role that brawls had in them to help identify the classes and how they viewed one another, the significance in these brawls will be seen in further detail in regards to prizefighting. The article states “Such brawls fostered a distinct working-class male identity that was centered on the boisterous public assertion of physical courage, independence, class pride, and American patriotism.” (Kaplan Pg 592) Another insert from the reading that demonstrates how the middle class viewed themselves was show in the quote “middle-class men in the nineteenth century drew their sense of who they were from their work, then a genuine conflict emerged between middle- and working-class definitions of manhood” (Kaplan Pg 595) middle and upper…

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