Analysis Of The Article ' Digital Punishment 's Tangled Web ' By Sarah Esther Lageson

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Unit 1 Discussion Board
Featured in the winter 2016 issue of Context, a publication of the American Sociological Association, the article titled “Digital Punishment’s Tangled Web” is written by Sarah Esther Lageson. Sarah is in the Rutgers University-Newark School of Justice, where she studies how technology changes the law, criminal justice, and systems of American punishment and the effects it has on society. “I have studied the growth of what I call digital punishment by interviewing those who run criminal history and mug shot websites, by analyzing the content they produce, and by interviewing those working to clear their own criminal records through legal means even against the reality of an endless digital trail”. Sarah explains that “The very existence of an online mugshot or booking report communicates powerful signals of guilt by attaching a criminal label to millions of arrestees, with a host of social and psychological consequences.” The reader is told that one manifestation of social and psychological consequences is what sociologists Alice Goffman and Sarah Brayne refer to as “system avoidance”, which is described as “people gradually avoid interacting with these institutions, and this has obvious social and individual consequences” the author stresses the need for further research to combat the negative effects and stigma related to your mugshot or arrest record appearing on the internet. “Researchers must develop ways to measure the “effects” of these…

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