Essay on Analysis Of So What Are You, Anyway? By Lawrence Hill

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Racism and ethnic discrimination in the North America has been a biggest issue since the colonial times. The segregation continues to take place in many social areas such as housing, education, employment, especially for Afro-American people. 1970’s was the crucial time of the racism, many students killed by the national guards in U.S. during their protests against racial injustice. The violence followed by the Civil Rights Movement and caused awakenings of the anti-racist ideology in literature because” white against black” was not a determinable social impact. The mixed-race Canadian author Lawrence Hill’s works are irreplaceable examples of the awareness of violent racism. His short story “So what are you, anyway?” is very informative about how hard to be mixed-race in 1970’s North America. This short story successfully enlightened the conflict of being mixed-race from eyes of an innocent child character Carole and annoying couple Nortons.

The story is setting on an airplane and starting with describing the main character Carole. Although the story has a mysterious origin about who Carole is and where she came from, this description helps reader to understand that she is going away from her family. It also gives an idea what she looks like. “She looks into her own dark eyes. She examines her handful of freckles. Only the clear complexion that her father sometimes calls ‘milk milk milk milk chocolate’”…

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