Snow White Once Upon A Time

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Kerilyn Musnuff

Once Upon A Time

The character I chose is Snow White, in Once Upon A Time, Snow White is much like she is in other versions except some things she does and says are different than the other versions we have read so far. There was a curse put on Snow White and Prince Charming and the only way they could get rid of the curse is by giving up their daughter, Emma. They were to meet again when she turns 28. In Once Upon A Time, Snow White never gets much rest. She is very worried about what is going to happen and all of the threats coming from the Evil Queen. In other versions, Snow White does not know what is coming to her so she has no problems going on about her day. Mary, who plays Snow White in Storybrooke, has a lot of hope in everything. She sometimes looks after Henry if she finds it necessary and she paid a lot of money to help him find his mom, Emma. In the long run-it was very worth it because eventually, Emma agreed that
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I would pull from the Grimm tales that she helps around the house because ideally, she would be hopeful, helpful, happy, and not worried. Also pulled from Grimm, I like that she is not very suspecting. It gives the reader time to realize what kind of person Snow is without her always having to worry about if someone is going to show up to her front door and try to harm her. From Snow Night, I would pull that she is not going to marry just anyone who happens to cross paths with her, it shows that she has respect for herself and that is something I enjoyed when reading Snow Night. What I like from the Politically Correct version is that Snow White was mentioned that she does not whine or call herself bored. It shows that she is kind in a way because she did not complain about the party, rather just ask questions and be kind about going as she was accepting what will later become her future duties as she gets

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