Analysis Of Sexton 's ' Her Kind ' Essay

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Sexton 's was labeled a confessional poet because she possessed many qualities that gave her a great poetic voice. She pulled the norms from society and created another perspective that would only be revealed to an open minded individual who could accept another 's point of view, and criticize it against their own. According to Kaplan, Anne 's poem "Her Kind" showed Anne 's strengths for her early work by adopting the persona of a possessed witch. She expressed ambiguous attitudes toward her own madness: she notes her fear and isolation as she is carried away to be burned at the stake, but boasts that she had domesticated the dark woods she has inhabited. Agreeing that this is a strong poem by the author that does show a lot of strength It does not show the author is full of madness because she claims to be a witch but because she feels isolated and out casted from society. "Haunting the black air, braver at night, dreaming evil, I have done my hitch over the plain houses, light by light." (ln. 2-4) These plain houses makes the author dream of evil. You can speculate that these plain houses refers to society as a whole. That everyone seems the same and that they have done something to the author that causes her feel out casted. The fact that the author is going above these houses could insinuate that she feels as if she is above them meaning that it is really her who should look down on society not the other way around. The repetition in this poem could show an interesting…

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