Analysis Of Self Reliance By Ralph Waldo Emerson

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In his essay ‘’Self-Reliance,” Transcendentalist philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson advocates that people should rebel against the powers that try to control their daily lives. Emerson believes that people should not be controlled by anything or anyone. Now in modern society, people are forced to think a certain way about themselves. People are taught to hide their true emotions from the world so that no one will judge them based on the way they act. He has explained that people are very complex and intellectual beings, who always had a desire to fit in with the world around them. He states, “Whoso be a man, must be a nonconformist,” explaining that real men show their true emotions. Real men don’t think about how others will perceive them, but rather act out their thoughts. Emerson also instructs people to not let anyone tell them what is right to do. He explains that “Who think they know your duty better than you know it,” are people who are incompetent. These types of people believe that they are always right in every …show more content…
People have always had an uncontrollable desire to control each other. Corruption is a human instinct that everyone should resist. Every day companies take advantage of hard-working citizens. Either it is the unfair labor laws or the low amounts these companies pay their workers; all of these factors affect the working class of America. With the government not doing anything to stop these corrupt corporations, they have successfully taken over the lives of their workers. The main problem is that large corporations are taking advantage of hard-working men and women. They are treating these workers like cattle by not caring for their needs. While current experts are attempting to solve this problem by giving more power to unions and creating laws against companies, they should instead consider rebelling against the companies and most importantly their

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