Essay on Analysis Of Nathaniel Hawthorne 's ' The Man Of Genius '

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Nathaniel Hawthorne, the man who set the tone for short stories in America, is still being recognized by millions for his incredible work. Discovering Authors even states in “Nathaniel Hawthorne”, that Edgar Allen Poe had once said that Hawthorne was “the example, par excellence in this country of the privately admired and publicly- unappreciated man of genius”. Hawthorne was shaped by his early life and childhood, but his work was shaped by his literary techniques, subject matter and criticism. Much of Hawthorne’s work revolved around events that occurred in his own life, so to understand his work, you have to understand his upbringing. Nathaniel Hawthorne was born in Salem, Massachusetts, July 4th in 1804 (“Nathaniel”). It is clear in Suzan Michele’s “Encyclopedia of World Biography”, that Hawthorne’s childhood was far from unhappy, with being the only boy in the family after his father’s passing; he was idolized by his mother and two sisters (212). When Hawthorne had come to the age to go to college, he attended Bowdoin College along with many other people he would soon become close friends with, including one of the future Presidents of the United States (212).
After Hawthorne attended college, he moved back into his mother’s home and the years he spent there; he referred to them as his “solitary years” but critics prefer to say those were his “literary apprenticeship years” (Michele 212). He recalls those years to be very lonely and gloom but many say that those years…

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