Analysis Of Michael Ondaatje 's ' The Skin Of A Lion ' Essay

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Many stories are told through the perspective of one omnipresent narrator, the perspective one character, or even an unreliable narrator. These styles emphasize the views and opinion of one character, one side of the story being told. In Michael Ondaatje’s In the Skin of a Lion, Ondaatje uses an unconventional style of narration to tell the untold stories of the working class and immigrants who built the country, to give immigrants a voice they do not have in the past, and to recreate how certain memories have a major impact while some do not. Through this style, Ondaatje emphasizes the main topic of the novel, the perspective of immigrants and working class in the nineteen- thirties. Throughout the novel, characters of low social status are focused on by Ondaatje, the most notable characters being Patrick Lewis, Nicholas Temelcoff, and Caravaggio. Ondaatje specifically selects these characters to be the main protagonist and supporting characters. He gives them a voice, allowing the reader to experience the struggles of being an immigrant, and a part of the working class in the nineteen-twenties. Immediately, Ondaatje introduces us to Patrick Lewis. At a young age, he works with his father Hazen Lewis in several dangerous tasks, such as herding cattle over ice, logging, and working with dynamite. These jobs are simple to do, none of them require any type of high level education, jobs that immigrants do, as they cannot speak English when they came to Canada in the novels’…

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