A Vindication Of Women By Mary Wollstonecraft: Chapter Analysis

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1. Passage 1 At this point in the text, V has nearly convinced Eve to see the world as he sees it. After kidnapping her and keeping her in a faux prison, Eve has learned that the real prison is the social inequality that The Hand has forced upon her and her fellow citizens. V’s plan is now in full force after he sets off bombs in The Eye and Ear headquarters, effectively crippling The Hand’s surveillance and causing riots throughout London. In this passage Eve is questioning V’s master plan. She doesn’t quite understand how these chaotic riots could exemplify V’s land of “Do-As-You-Please”. V’s response complicates our notion of revolution because he believes that these riots are an example of chaos or a land of “Take-What-You-Want”. Chaos, …show more content…
In this passage, Wollstonecraft refuses to acknowledge the inferiority of women. She believes this inequality to be greatly exaggerated by men in order to produce passive and obedient mates. Rationalizing the idea of female inferiority leaves women incompetent and uninterested in challenging their social norms. The only true inequality between the two sexes would be the difference in education. Wollstonecraft believes that women have not been given equal opportunity to gain the knowledge that all men have access to. Her position is that it is unfair to judge the rationality or intellectual ability of women until both genders are on an equal playing field. Once women begin to learn as men do, they will quickly begin to question the social barriers that leave them jobless, penniless and without a political sway. Wollstonecraft’s views mirror those of a proper revolutionist. Her belief that knowledge is power very much exemplifies the role of education within a revolution. Restricted access to proper education leaves citizens ignorant to the very privileges that are being withheld from them. It is only by attaining this knowledge that one can begin to challenge oppression and properly incite

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