Analysis Of Mary Shelley 's ' Frankenstein ' Essay

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Frankenstein Essay Shelley began writing Frankenstein during a time when men were superior to women (still are). It has been suggested that the influence of this group of guys, of Shelley, Byron, and John, affected his guess of male characters in the novel. They 're just guys being dudes. Mary Shelley’s feelings about the male circle around her, obviously the male characters in Frankenstein are more mature than the females. I think that the female characters are, idealized figures, in Shelley 's book, in the descriptions of Caroline and Elizabeth, the two mother figures in the book. Caroline is the main homegirl, a perfect father, along with her husband, who makes the irresponsibility of Victor at the abandonment of the most unforgivable creature. She had a mind of rare mold it was too soft and gentle. She is the idealized mother, a figure that Shelley saw with sadness because his mother died when she was ten days old to be replaced by a stupid stepmother parenting Caroline provides the care Frankenstein might well have lacked, who had been left alone with her father. His father rejects the work of Agrippa without some, setting Victor on its way to the destruction explanation. This is the first introduction of a theme that continues throughout the book, the need for female figures in the society. Without the mother and left only with Frankenstein to do the two roles of parents, the life of the child has been hurt by its lack of company. This is a feminist commentary…

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