Analysis Of ' Macbeth ' By William Shakespeare Essay

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The Art of Disguise
Playing the game of disguise is a game of manipulation of appearance and reality. What we see, may not be what we get. The outside may not correlate to the inside. Appearance can be just an illusion for reality. Danger can strike for a victim that falls for the tricks of appearance. Reality will mask itself and hide its true self. A masquerade can hide more than just a face. It can hide the undeniable danger of intentions. What is perceived on the outside, can cause harm when deception takes over. The image on the outside can cheat those who do not understand the art of disguise. There is an art to manipulating the concept of disguise. Learning to play the game of using the mask, can create advantages. Mastering the poker face can create the illusion of innocent appearance. The dishonest truth that is portrayed as the innocent appearance, is smeared with a false appearance of right mindedness and respect. In Macbeth by William Shakespeare, the concept of appearance and reality is persistent throughout the play. The play embodies the idea in subtle and obvious ways. Characters take upon the concept through the presentation and speech, representing a characteristic of the appearance and reality. The difference between appearance and reality is shown through presenter, master, and victim characters. In Macbeth, characters present warnings to the audience about the dangers of appearance and reality; some characters master the art of disguise, while others…

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