Analysis Of Lori Parks ' Monumental Influence On Literature Essay

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Suzan- Lori Parks’ Monumental Influence on Literature
Black women in the 20th century have made a monumental impact on literature. Numerous amounts black women have achieved literary expression in several genres. African American women writers have become the voice of others. These women have provided comfort for those going through hardships. As a novelist, screenwriter and playwright, Suzan-Lori Parks had a great influence on literature. Suzan-Lori Parks should be taught in English 215 because she has paved the way for African American women and she can teach the community more about the African American history and culture.
In “Understanding Suzan-Lori Parks” by, Larson claims that “Parks belongs to the group of writers and historians who revise history with an eye toward putting absent or neglected groups back into history. Parks’ written works are a way of creating and rewriting history through literature. Parks’ attention to history and her signification on the texts, language, figures, and cultural event shape our lingering and acquired perceptions of history. Parks’ works explore the effects of linguistic structures, figures, and cultural events tend to have on identity, especially its racial, cultural, masculine, feminine, familial, and temporal components.” (“Larson, Understanding Suzan-Lori Parks”).
Suzan- Lori Parks was born in Fort Knox, Kentucky. Her parents Francis McMillan and Donald Parks brought her into this world on May 10, 1963. In the…

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