Essay on Analysis Of ' Les Demoiselles D ' Avignon

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Cordell SylveHUMN1101 Final Research Project Part 3Surreal PicassoThe modernist world was a time frame in which an artist would primality work in realisticforms and shapes. To contrast that there is Pablo Picasso who was a talented artist who frequentlymade use of surrealist themes in his art work. With this style Pablo Picasso chose to have his artmake a statement through the surreal forms and shapes. Surrealism in its time was art that soughtto “show the self in all its complexity” (Sayre 476) using various methods. This choice of style ledto Pablo Picasso being hailed as one of the greatest artists of his time.One of Picassos’ works titled “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” which was created in 1907 is afine example of Picasso using surreal forms in his art work. While very strange looking and in asurreal sense, complex, it also employs one other form of surrealist style in it as well. This style isknown as cubism which is a style in which squares and cubes make up the majority if not all theshapes of the work in question in order to emphasize the two dimensional shape of the canvas(Rewald). The style cubism was, in fact, one created by Pablo Picasso and numerous other artistsfollowed in his ways. Since cubism by its nature was a rejection of the concept of “art must copynature” (Rewald) it became an invention of sorts by Pablo Picasso. Returning to the painting inquestion, it is not entirely cubist as it uses rounded shapes alongside cubes and curves. It alsopresents each…

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