Analysis Of Kurt Vonnegut 's Harrison Bergeron Essay

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Short stories and novels are notorious for having an underlying meaning and authors will put their own convictions, biases, and views within these works to show how they feel about a particular subject or issue. The author creates an environment filled with irony, double meanings, symbols, etc. to convey a certain message through the story; the author will be ambiguous and use parallels to determine how the story will interact with his personal convictions. Kurt Vonnegut portrays his views towards equality, freedom, and Communism through his short story Harrison Bergeron using dialogue, diction, actions, and feelings.
In Harrison Bergeron, Vonnegut develops, or under-develops, his characters according to a twisted, “idealized” society where everyone is unequally equal. For instance, the ballerinas on the television “were burdened with sand weights and bags of birdshot, and their faces were masked” (Vonnegut 1) and the government required George to wear a “mental handicap radio in his ear” (Vonnegut 1). Vonnegut purposefully uses these tools to make everyone of the same intellect and physical standing, but he also shows how they are still unequal by the handicaps they are required to wear to make them equal. He stagnates the characters to make a point of how the government’s interference and control effects people. He almost mocks equality by still making it clear that everyone is in fact unequal. Also, the way in which the government handles Harrison when he shows his…

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