Analysis Of Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Essay

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Writing is an art that has been around for many centuries. From the bible, to world renounced novels and screenplays, the work of writers has transformed the world of art and words. There are many influential writers whose names carry great meaning because of the uniqueness of their writing craft. One such writer is Kurt Vonnegut Jr.; “Vonnegut was an American original, often compared to Mark Twain for a vision that combined social criticism, wildly black humor and a call to basic human decency. He was, novelist Jay MacInerny once said, "a satirist with a heart, a moralist with a whoopee cushion" (Woo, pp. A1+). Born and raised as a free thinker, religious skeptic, and a political affiliate, Vonnegut Jr. is a writing artist whose work resembles elements of science fiction, irony, and humor on commonly unpleasant subject matters. Vonnegut justifies his way of writing in an interview by Bob Edwards; He states: “I think it had not only freed me, I think it freed writers” (Edwards, pp.1). This research will follow Vonnegut Jr.’s writing journey and discuss his writing style through the analysis of Slaughterhouse Five and “Harrison Bergeron.”
Vonnegut Jr. is a man with a tough mindset, and with his strong convictions his work can seem morbid and have a dry sense of humor. Through the use of psychology, we learn that many people who grow into adulthood displaying a pessimistic attitude towards the world usually have dealt with hardships growing up. “When the family money ran out,…

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