Analysis Of Joseph Conrad 's ' Heart Of Darkness ' Essay

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In 1899, Joseph Conrad published a short novella called Heart Of Darkness. This work of fiction is written in such a way that it allows its readers to respond to it in varieties of different ways. Diverse form of criticism have been taken on the matters in the novella. Criticism from Feminists group on the way women are portrayed to, psycho-analytic approach of the criticism, all have something to say about the novella. But one criticism that has hovered the novella for a long time, is the issue of race. In the fall of 1975, Chinua Achebe gave his famous lecture, “An Image of Racism In Conrad’s Heart Of Darkness”. This lecture which tackles the issue of race and the racist lingo has become the foundation of criticism for Heart Of Darkness. It would be hard to find any other criticism about Heart Of Darkness that does not mention or acknowledge Achebe’s criticism. Achebe’s main theme in his essay is that Conrad uses “Africa as a foil to Europe”” within this context of this theme, Achebe continues to criticize the claim that Conrad’s writing should be considered a “permanent writing”. He discusses that Conrad was nothing more than a “thoroughgoing racist”. After having a first hand experience in the novella and Achebe’s essay, I acknowledge Achebe’s position. The claim that Achebe makes about Conrad using Africa as a prop to eliminate the human factor of Africans is not much of a shocker. Dehumanization is a compelling part in this

novella. Horrors that took place in…

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