Analysis Of John Updike 's ' A & P ' And ' Separating ' Essay

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John Updike is well known as one of the most accomplished writers of his time. Spawning over fifty books, many of them novels; poetry collections, and numerous short stories. In his later years he went on to become an esteemed literary critic. Many of his works emphasized the idea that the common man does have a rightful place in fiction. His use of imagery is unparalleled as he seamlessly invites the reader in, taking them on a journey through his stories whose content would probably otherwise be deemed depthless. Updike effortlessly mastered taking the most trivial situations and transforming them into something much more meaningful. In the short stories ‘A&P’ and ‘Separating’ Updike does just that, telling the story of two ordinary men who are at a crossroads in their lives. His distinctive imagery brings both of the stories to life as we watch our protagonist navigate through difficult circumstances before finally coming into their own. In the end we are left rooting for the men in our story which is no coincidence, Updike challenges the conventionalities of the American man making them surprisingly relatable. Updike was born in 1932 in a small town in Pennsylvania. He grew up in a very ordinary household with his mother, father, and grandparents. His mother was an aspiring writer and she encouraged him to write as well. Growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania would later influence many of his stories. His work in fiction has earned him two pulitzer prizes,…

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