Analysis Of Jared Diamond 's Article ' The Worst Mistake Essay

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Jared Diamond’s article “The Worst Mistake in the Human Race” provides critical insight to what archaeologists and anthropologists alike have contested to be the pinnacle of human advancement. Agriculture to many people among academic settings has been mutually agreed as one of the turning points from primal to civilized (Diamond, 1999); and has been known to benefit humanity for it’s greater good.
Jared Diamond challenges this point in his article. He begins by introducing a progressivist view, which is the held notion that agriculture was adopted simply because it is a means of getting more food for less work (Diamond, 1999). Diamond thoroughly explains that there are advantages to agriculture, being that of convenience and mass production but proves that this isn’t always the better solution, as evident through the bushmen of the Kalahari (Diamond, 1999). He continues to explain biological advantages of hunter-gatherer societies by mentioning the high protein diet of these societies, and their remains left behind. He also argues how through the sex division of labour, societies may have caused more harm than good. Wherein by dividing labour and responsibilities through agriculture, farming societies have erected a barrier that disadvantages women. Since women are responsible for not only rearing children, but for farm work as well. Diamond also points out how women are often given the harder work of the division, exemplified with his research in New Guinea (Diamond,…

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