Analysis Of Henrik Ibsen's Hedda Gabler

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“Jealousy is a mental cancer” (B.C. Forbes). This quote summarizes the 1860 play, Hedda Gabler, and the main protagonist’s battle with her own internal pressures. The play could be analyzed through several perspectives such as Marxism, feminism and existentialism. In Henrik Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler, the tone of this play is one that tries to show the blunders of the Victorian rules which give Hedda depression and stress, leading to internal pressures such as materialism, manipulation, and jealousy which ultimately lead to her suicide.
To begin with, Hedda is a very materialistic person. She loves gaining materialistic possessions, and she always wants more from George. George says “Is there anything the matter with you, Hedda? Eh?” Hedda says
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Hedda’s jealousy was mainly pointed towards Mrs. Elvested and Lovborg. This is because of the way they liked each other and how each one of them had a major influence over the other which Hedda was obviously missing in her relationship. Hedda was jealous towards Lovborg because of his success; when she had the chance to burn the manuscript, she felt that she could finally finish him. Hedda said: “Now I am burning your child, Thea!—Burning it, curly locks! I am burning—I am burning your child.” (Ibsen, 118). Hedda was talking to herself when burning the manuscript pretending that she is killing Mrs. Elvested’s daughter and the way she says that portrays her jealousy and frustration for both Lovborg and Mrs. Elvested. The manuscript represents all the hard work that Lovborg and Mrs. Elvested had done; when she burnt it, she felt that she finally accomplished her goal of destroying their life. Another part that illustrated Hedda’s jealousy to Mrs. Elvested was when she was envying Mrs. Elvested’s wealth. Hedda said: “Oh, if you could only understand how poor I am. And fate has made you so rich! I think I must burn your hair off after all.” (Ibsen, 90). Hedda has expressed her jealousy towards Mrs. Elvested because of how she had the power to influence Lovborg to write a book. Hedda felt that she had no power to impress Tesman. The only thing that Hedda could do at the point to regain her power was to convince Lovborg to drink. At this part of the play, Hedda managed to ruin everything for Mrs Elvested by making Lovborg drink. Drinking was a bad habit that Lovborg had in the past and it was the main reason behind his failure. By making him drink, Hedda was successful in breaking the strong bond between Mrs. Elvested and Lovborg. This indicates the jealousy that she had towards the people around her. Eventually in the play, Lovborg’s drinking causes

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