Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' The Great Gatsby ' Essay

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There is an underlining sense of sustaining imperialism as Said suggests that imperialism relies heavily upon one 's mindset and response to this establishment. As the readers comes to understand throughout the novel the Major is stuck in the old ways and tradition although it is through his interactions with Mrs. Ali that he comes to see the error in some of his ideology that he has been indoctrinated with. At this point in the story it is still somewhat difficult for him to genuinely understand the ills of these old social constructs that have been established. Mrs. Ali on the other hand seeing as how she is on the opposite end of can identify with the idea of her native land and the oppression they have endured under British rule. It can be assumed that Mrs. Ali may be divided in some ways seeing as how she is a British citizen and that her own father has a strong sense of nationalism for Britain and not their native land.
In chapter eight during Mrs. Ali’s meeting with the Major for tea they spoke of one of Kipling’s stories, she describes his writing of his characters with such idealism. She states “To be as grizzled and worldly as this knight, and yet so clear in one’s passion and duty to the land. Is that even possible?” The Major replies “Is it possible to love one’s country above personal consideration?” This question presented to Mrs. Ali brings attention to the double identity her and many other Pakistanis in Britain share. Embracing this loyalty to the British…

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