Essay about Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' 1984 '

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--“Text to World” Connection #1 As most know 1984 was written during World War II and published shortly after it ended. During the time 1984 was published, Totalitarian Governments (i.e Fascist, Nazi, or Socialist) were in control of cities known as the Soviet Union, Germany, and Spain. Big Brother, the controlling system in 1984 is compared to leaders accordingly like Stalin and Hitler. The Party can be associated with the Totalitarian Government for their power of controlling what their followers/population thinks. The people are brainwashed into thinking a distinct deed is right, nevertheless, brainwashed into thinking a specific action is wrong; their party controls their emotions, feelings, moreover, their morals. Furthermore, manipulation is a main connection The Party (in 1984) and the Totalitarian Governments, using propagandas to scare their people and show the government’s power; their society believes what they are told. A statement Orwell wanted to make in writing and publishing 1984 is his fear of the world that he wrote.
--“Text to World” Connection #2 Big Brother is in our society today. The mass of our population is using the Internet and posting junk about the latest gossip in their area. Sharing out thoughts and action to the whole world right under our fingertips, not realizing there are people who track what you say. People can ruin your career tracing back a tweet you said about a specific company, person, object. The government didn’t have to put a…

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