Analysis Of Francoise D ' Eaubonne Essay

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Francoise D’ Eaubonne was the first to coin the term “ecofeminism”, a movement combining feminism and environmentalism. Feminism is defined as the movement of women towards social and economic equality between men and women. Ecology is the study of humans and their interactions with the environment. Many aspects within the feminist movement, the peace movement, and the environmentalist and green movements can be seen within ecofeminism. Ecofeminists and ecofeminism is the belief that environmentalism and feminism are intrinsically connected. Most forms of ecofeminism rely a historical analysis of ideology. The emergence of a patriarchy system can be seen as one of the many examples. The patriarchal system is the idea of ‘dualism’, views of the world based on opposing pairs: mind and body, spirit and matter, male and female. Out of each pair, one concept is deemed superior over the other. In some cases, the other is demonized over the superior term. The classic patriarchal system suggest that man is placed ahead of woman. The connotation of man in this patriarchal system is that they are tough, intuitive, and protective. In comparison, the woman in the same system connotes words such as weak, delicate, and passive, giving them an inferior complexion. Through this patriarchal system, theorist suggest that woman are given these connotations because of their biological connection with birth. There are also examples that use nature – social butterflies, hen parties, Mother…

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