Analysis of Florida House Bill 7095: Prescription Drugs Essay

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Bill Analysis of House Bill 7095:
Prescription Drugs

Christian Butterfield

PAD 3003 – 02
Dr. Tracy Banner
June 8, 2011

Analysis of House Bill 7095:
Prescription Drugs

Executive Summary

House Bill 7095, relating to Prescription Drugs or more commonly known as the “Pill Mill Bill” was passed by the Florida Legislature on May 6, 2011, and signed by Governor Rick Scott on June 3, 2011. In essence, H.B. 7095 regulates all facets of the prescribing and dispensing of pain killers and controlled substances, from distributors all the way to pharmacists and doctors. One of the main aspects of the bill is its enforcement of s. 456.44 F.S.; which deals with the dispensing of prescription drugs such as pain killers and controlled
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In a recent report, prescription drug abuse has been found as the cause of death more often than that of illegal drugs such as heroin or methamphetamine. In fact, during the first six months of the past year 2010, it was reported that seven people a day were dying from prescription drug abuse (FDLE, 2010).

H.B. 7095 discourages prescription drug abuse in a variety ways, but mainly by making the acquisition of controlled substances much stricter and not as easy as before. The first step will be for the Department of Health to declare a public health emergency so that state and local law enforcement agencies can implement the new regulations and arrest or fine anybody not following the bills stipulations. There will be strict penalties for overprescribing controlled substance as in third-degree felony charges and license removal. Physicians are refrained from prescribing certain controlled substances (schedule II & III). In addition, all physicians must return any schedule II or III controlled substances back to the distributors once the bill goes in to effect. Limits have also been placed on the amount of controlled substances distributors may distribute to pharmacies and the amount they can sell. Pharmacies and pain clinics also have new standards and regulations regarding how and to whom they can dispense controlled substances to. The reporting of drug prescriptions and sales to the Dept. of Health has a shorter

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