Analysis Of Douglas Monroy 's ' Lies My Teacher Told ' Essay

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For a species to survive and thrive there is a need for expansion and a growth in its population, those who survive become the dominant, shaping the world around it. In the readings “Lies My Teacher Told” Meby James Lowen and “Brutal Appetites from The Making of Mexican Culture in Frontier California” by Douglas Monroy, the prominent fact throughout each is history is written by the winner. From colonies finding the new world to World War II, those who were declared the loser were cemented into history books with that title. Each reading delves into the history we are not told in the classroom, and if the topic is touched on, it has a varied portrayal of one party and heavily praising the other. In the reading “Lies My Teacher Told” Meby James Lowen, he touches on the true history of the Native Americans and how they were a truer more realistic people than portrayed in the history books. Explaining how more Native Americans themselves were able to cultivate and produce crops at a higher rate and quality than most settlers, and in most cases willing to share and trade their bounty. What was evident throughout the paper is what was probably the most profound was the amount of willingness the Native American people were willing to cohabitate with the settlers. Through schooling, most if not all history books state the heavy tension between the two peoples.
The world “Savage” is mentioned as the first word Lowen would hear in classrooms when conducting word association,…

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