The Wealth And Poverty Of Nations By David S. Landes

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People have wondered for many years, why certain nations have succeeded, while others fall. This question has intrigued many people. From economist, scientist, to historians. David S. Landes an economic historian who was a professor at Harvard University, tries to answer the question of why some nations are wealthier than others, while others suffer from poverty. In his book The Wealth and Poverty of Nations: Why Some Are So Rich and Some So Poor David Landes uses his background in economics and history to see the correlations of the nation’s history in economic development and how they are doing today. Besides looking at the economic history; he also looks at how the culture, and society could affect the economic status of the country. David …show more content…
The Industrial Revolution was always the start of a country taking its first steps to a better world. As David takes a look at Great Britain and how it was one of the first places to take a step into the Industrial Revolution, he was able to see the impact that it had on Great Britain. Before Great Britain was able to step into their Industrial Revolution, they had an advantage that other countries did not have. With Great Britain geography they were able to advance much faster than other places, because of this they were one of the first to step into the Industrial Revolution. As countries step into the Industrial revolution people started to invent inventions that improved life. After talking about inventions David makes a transition talking about Columbus, and nations conquering lands to expand their influence. With other empires being conquered he shows how the geography of certain places are valued higher than …show more content…
What I liked about this book was how David Landes looked at almost every aspect on how a nation becomes successful. Like the show Gun, Germs, and Steel David was able to talk about how geography, and nature affected certain areas while others suffered and could not be as well developed. Another strength that the booked had that I enjoyed was the way he included history and tied it economics. By, doing this he was able to show readers how every moment in history affected where we are now. Any moment in history there will always be a winner and a loser. In this book David was able to show how both winners and losers used either their advantages to get a head start in the world or suffer because of ignorance. The book did not have a lot of weaknesses but the one main thing I notice was how David tried to include every little information in the book. With every little information included in the book the book was bigger than it needed to be, and rather than look at a whole bunch of different place David could have focus his idea on just a few places that was affect the most by either the economic changes or the geographic change. Like William Dudley said “Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.”
David Landes book The Wealth and Poverty of Nations is intriguing as he looks at how history, geography, culture can affect a country and where it stands today. The development that a nation had to go through before, becoming so powerful.

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