Analysis Of Conrad 's Heart Of Darkness Essay

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William Shakespeare once said “One touch of nature makes the whole world kin” (Shakespeare Act 3. Scene 3. Line 175). Every aspect of life on Earth is dictated by the natural realm. This concept rules in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. In the novella Conrad depicts the jungle as an all powerful force to be reckoned with. Heart of Darkness serves as a reminder of natures ultimate supremacy over man. The supremacy of nature in Heart of Darkness is established through Marlow’s language used to describe the journey through the Congo, the portrayal of man’s technologies as useless, the reoccurrence of disease, grass motifs, and a comparison of the jungle as the inferno. The novella focuses on a story told by a sailor named Marlow, by which he journeys through Africa’s “heart of darkness”, the Congo (58). In his journey Marlow takes special notice of the jungle and describes it in a number of ways that reveal its power. Marlow uses adjectives such as “massive” (58), “invincible” (37), “overwhelming” (55), and “monstrous” (59) to describe the jungle. These adjectives signify natures overwhelming, invincible, even monstrous power. This power is restated when Marlow notes that his journey reminds him of “the earliest beginnings of the earth, when vegetation rioted and the big trees were kings.” (55) Marlow, though he couldn’t have been there at “the earliest beginnings of the earth”, recognizes the unchanging power of nature, which rules in the Congo. He later describes the…

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