Analysis Of Cherrie Moraga 's La Guera Essay

2371 Words Nov 8th, 2016 10 Pages
Cherríe Moraga’s La Güera tackles the idea of a hierarchy of privilege that is present in many aspects of the world, including, but not exclusive to, feminism. She uses her experience as a Chicana lesbian to acknowledge both the oppression that has been inflicted upon her and the oppression she has inflicted upon others. It is through acknowledging one’s own oppression that they are able to fight their own internalized bigotry. Using her ideas, we are able to unpack a bit of Junot Diaz’s Monstro and the racial implications that come with it. Through multiple texts, it becomes evident that oppression is present for countless groups across the world. While the way that these groups experience and handle these injustices may be different, they ways in which they must fight them are generally similar. It is by first, taking note of people’s differences, and then by supporting all aspects of someone’s identity that dismantling these systems of inequality becomes possible. The idea of a privilege hierarchy is one that persists across the United States in many circles. This is the idea that some identities are more oppressed than others and deserve to receive more attention. This idea is complicated for innumerable reasons, one of them being that when someone identifies with multiple identities, they are then torn between different rungs of this ladder. Moraga questions, “When the going gets rough, will we abandon our so-called comrades in a flurry of…

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