Essay about Analysis Of ' Boys And Girls ' By Alice Munro

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Considering ideas and thoughts from a different perspective can be interesting to readers. Stepping into someone else’s shoes and looking at a story through their eyes can develop a reader’s connection with the narrator. The short story, “Boys and Girls,” which is written by Alice Munro, is told in first-person retrospective narration. The narrator does not formally introduce who they are in the story, which makes it the reader’s responsibility to learn who the narrator is. The secondary characters’ perspective and thoughts are told by the narrator. A reader must rely on the narrator to help develop the characters and learn more about who they are. When a story is being told in first-person narrative there are strengths and limitations that may arise. Strengths in first-person narration include developing a connection with the narrator, and understanding ideas from his or her point of view. Limitations in first-person narration include limited access to secondary characters’ thoughts, bias towards certain characters and events, and the reader may not piece together information about the narrator. Munro had written “Boys and Girls” in a first person narrative allows the reader to experience the story from the narrator’s point of view.
By carefully reading the short story, there are hints a reader can look at to learn more about who the narrator is. The narrator at the time of the story is known as a hard working character as she is working alongside her father most days,…

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