Analysis Of Booker T. Washington Essay

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A Wholehearted Leader It is more than one hundred years after the Civil War, the war which brought a significant changes in the American society, had ended the slavery system. It is somehow amazing to learn that the African-Americans had found themselves their own way to catch up with the civilization of the country. Their success regard their hard working and their desiring to obtain education, however, also regard the enlightening and guiding of many great leaders and individuals. The most prominent among them is Booker T. Washington, who lifted up the whole race and wakened the Whites out of prejudice and discrimination. In his life, he did two things that become an enduring legacy until now-the success of Tuskegee Institute and the Speech in the Atlanta Exposition on September 18, 1895. With all the experiences as a slave in childhood, the desire and passion he had for knowledge, and the unselfish heart in the determination aiding and bringing knowledge to his race, he had become a legend, a role model for every individual to follow to become better and stronger as well as to become useful for the community. Booker’s childhood experiences played an important role in shaping his exceptional personalities and in giving the motivation of changing the world. He had witnessed the miserable life of a slave although, as he stated, in his autobiography, that his owner was not cruel comparing to many others. He recalled that he did not know neither his place of birth…

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