Analysis Of Bob Jones ' Free Indirect Discourse Essay

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Bob Jones’ free indirect discourse and speech demonstrate his understanding of Gesellschaft American society structure, he discernibly deconstructs white society’s equality hypocrisy, and furthermore, African-American segregation policy in the armed forces. Moments such as discourse with Alice, his superiors and the debate between the women’s circle and Tom Leighton reveal Jones’ understanding of the ethnic problems within the United States. By his view point, armed services is yet another monster of Uncle Sam’s machine or rather another form of slavery.
What did the armed service mean for Jones and African American’s in the United States? Jones’s struggles to maintain intrinsic control of his own fate, and the Army infringes on destroying the last segments of control he maintains. During this time, armed service for Jones and other African-Americans meant living under segregated conditions. The nondiscriminatory clause of the Selective Service Act in 1940 explicitly prohibited any apartheid within the armed service; nevertheless, enforcement failed to uphold its statement and racial inequality continued. In Taps for a Jim Crow Army, Phillip McGuire compiled letters written by African-Americans which reveal the conditions of armed service. The letter’s composers were denied from entering army training schools, positions of authority and proper support, for those whom were admitted, they were trained in segregated regiments and made to occupy and utilize segregated…

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