Analysis Of Angelou 's Poem, Caged Bird, By Maya Angelou Essay

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The power of expression in writing and speaking incorporate clarity of thoughts and meaning, resonance, melody of feelings, and elucidate experiences and perspectives. Expression in writing and speaking aids in conveying knowledge and emotions to encourage and inspire the reader and audience. Words exemplify reality and imagination by the inspiring presence of freedom and independence, isolation and oppression, and hope and optimism for the forthcoming destiny. In her poem, Caged Bird, Maya Angelou utilizes sound devices, imagery, and figurative language, for instance, symbolism and juxtaposition to depict the restrictions of freedoms and rights and the hope and aspiration that originate with the boundaries or obstacles that hinders the caged bird’s ability to fly. In his union address speech, Four Freedoms, President Franklin D. Roosevelt uses allusions, pathos appeal, and repetition to concrete the nation’s position as a prominent example of democracy, appeal to citizen’s philosophical beliefs in freedom and human rights to adjust the nation’s attitude and congress point of view to war necessity and forthcoming hope. Angelou uses sound devices to reveal the hope that the bird portrays as it attempts to escape the confining circumstances and obtain its freedom. For example, by asserting assonance, she illustrates an uplifting and an ebullient tone. Angelou’s poem embodies “in the orange sun rays / and dares to claim the sky his own;” the repeated “A” adds a faster and…

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