Essay on Analysis Of `` Against Legalization Of Drugs ``

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War on Drugs Many people believe that legalizing drugs will make it easier to decrease the usage, but others believe otherwise. James Wilson wrote an argumentative essay titled “Against Legalization of Drugs” to prove why drugs like heroin and cocaine should stay illegal. He gives evidence explaining why these illegal drugs should become legal. Though Wilson believes both and many others drugs staying illegal he gives the opposition’s point of view. Throughout this essay Wilson compares drugs and the statistics to prove his point. Wilson persuades his undecided audience with the three rhetorical appeals pathos, logos, and ethos. The use of certain words or phrases in sentences that can cause an author’s audience to begin to have emotions that they did not know they would feel towards a topic. In Wilson’s argumentative essay he uses this type of element to sway the reader’s way of thinking. He speaks of economists Milton Friedman’s statement “… the government has no right to tell people not to use heroine…” (Wilson 554) This statement could be used to protest the laws against illegal drugs. Although there would have been upsides to legalized drugs heroine such as “sterile hypodermic needles,… no poisons or adulterants.” (Wilson 555) There is also the downside of addiction, Friedman’s words “legalizing drugs might increase the number of addicts, but it is not clear that it would. Forbidden fruit is attractive, particularly to the young.” (Wilson/Friedman 556) This statement…

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