Analysis Of Are Noncitizens Taking Your Benjamins By Sarah E. Bohn

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Are Noncitizens Taking Your Benjamins? Bohn, Sarah E. "The Quantity And Quality Of New Immigrants To The US." Review Of Economics
Of The Household 8.1 (2010): 29-51. Business Source Complete. Web. 30 Oct. 2016.

Similarly to other sources, Sarah E. Bohn examines data regarding immigration growth at the national level and how their “quality” is affecting the economy. Interestingly, instead of suggesting that immigrants impact native workers, she emphasizes that the increasing immigration rate has negative ramifications for other immigrants. Bohn demonstrates how lower skilled immigrant workers have become more prevalent, which leads to a “widening skill gap” between immigrant and native workers. Furthermore, Bohn proceeds to examine how
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He debunks this perception as fact by exploring immigrant contribution in major metropolitan cities throughout the nation. Hanson utilizes various studies to conclude that cities with a higher influx of immigrants is usually more productive and offer lower prices for fundamental services. Additionally, Hanson compares U.S born workers to immigrant workers examining key differences in their work habits. However, Hanson also mentions how immigrants negatively affect job opportunities in fields such as agriculture. Among other things Hanson explores in this text is the positive and negative effects immigration has on taxes and why it is difficult to convince the public that immigration benefits …show more content…
Liu utilizes the baseline model to develop and argue his claim that illegal immigration has been disregarded as a significant cause for concern. More importantly, Liu uses base-line equations to demonstrate the negative impact of immigrants on the native workforce. First, he argues that increased illegal immigration will increase unemployment rates and lower wage rates. These claims are then validated through empirical evidence. Nevertheless, Liu then proceeds to explain how higher wages and welfare gain can be achieved if illegal immigration increases enough, this comes at the cost of decreasing welfare and wage rates for native, unskilled

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