An Inspector Calls By John B Priestley Essay

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John B Priestley’s play, “An Inspector Calls’ was written after the Second World War during the Victorian and Edwardian period. During this period was when division between the behaviour of the older and younger generations could be clearly recognised. The older generation consist of Mr and Mrs Birling whom throughout the play fail to admit that they had any part in the death of Eva, as their reputation is the only thing that concerns them. Conversely the younger generation, Sheila and Eric feel a huge guilt about the death and automatically take responsibility for her suicide as they feel like they have broken a moral duty. By utilising a range of different methods, Priestly is able to successfully present the older and younger generations successfully throughout his play. One way he does this is by presenting his characters in an effective way.
He effectively presents the older generation, Mrs Birling, as more traditional since she has such a high status. When speaking about Eva Smith she says ‘’girls of that class...’, this shows the lack of interest Mrs. Birling has for that specific class as they are lower and less fortunate compared to her. The emphasis of the pronoun ‘that’ suggests the mere disgust Mrs Birling has as she refuses to name Eva’s class or origin. This demonstrates the authority Mrs Birling has over Eva and others that have a lower class compared to her. It is almost as if she is leading with her chin, suggesting the domination and narcissism she…

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