Essay on An Indian Father 's Plea By Robert Lake

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Culture: the shared set of ideas, skills, institutions, customs, attitude, values, and achievements that characterize a group of people. Who someone is and what they believe legitimately characterizes them; to say it shapes their perspective of the life they and others have would be correct. A person’s culture greatly affects their views of others and the world because of situations like discrimination, social behavior, and general beliefs. Authors such as Robert Lake, or Medicine Grizzlybear, and Pat Mora would agree with this position due to the fact that both have experienced the struggles of discrimination and differences in beliefs.So many groups of people face discrimination today based upon their culture, race, and social position. It is seen in the essay “An Indian Father 's Plea” by Robert Lake that the character Wind-Wolf has struggled with being looked down upon and categorized by teachers and classmates because of his Indian culture. For instance, the narrator states, “On the first day of class, you had difficulty with his name. You wanted to call him Wind, insisting that Wolf somehow must be his middle name. The students in his class laughed at him, which caused further embarrassment” (Lake 77). The fact that his fellow classmates would openly and boldly laugh at him because he had a different name than they were used to shows cultural discrimination. It is also showing that the teacher is not sympathetic to cultural diversity because she is trying to make…

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