Essay on An Analysis Of Richard Miller 's ' The Great Gatsby '

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Most people assume affection is the easiest thing and it is handed to you on a silver platter. But not for me, Richard Miller. I was born in a small town in Connecticut. I live with my ma and pa, Nat and Essie Miller. I never speak about my grandparents due to the fact that ma and pa never talk about them. I guess when the times right, I will ask. I just graduated high school and I can’t believe it yet. I’m so vigorous and prepared for college. Pa is sending me to Yale. I wasn’t the most popular kid in high school. I didn’t even have many friends to begin with. The only friend I desired was Muriel, my girlfriend. I also like reading a lot, but my mom doesn’t approve of the books I read. Muriel’s father always had an issue with me being her boyfriend. He even tried to split us up by forcing her to write a fake letter to me.
Wint Selby visited the other day for Arthur. Wint wanted my brother to accompany him and some “swift babies” from New Haven to The Pleasant Beach house, but Arthur wasn’t available that night since he went to his girlfriend’s house so he asked me if I wouldn’t come with him. The only reason he invited me was because he’s broke and couldn’t spend money on both girls from New York. I had nothing to lose Muriel wrote to me earlier that she was out of my life forever. Filled with rage I proclaimed that I will accompany him. So, the same night we went to The Pleasant Beach House. I met with Muriel later that week since she wrote me a letter to confront her…

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