An Analysis Of Karl Struss, Bus Boycott, Montgomery, 1956 Essays

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There are millions of photographers that capture countless images of everyday life, but not all pictures have the same purpose or meaning. All pictures tell a story regardless if the photo seems to be simplistic, there is always a certain spark in each original photograph. Photography has gone through so much change into developing with modern camera devices, but the reason behind each photo will always have a different perspective. These three images taken by Karl Struss, Over the House Tops, 1912, Tosh Matsumoto, Untitled, 1950, and Dan Weiner, Bus Boycott, Montgomery, 1956, all share a depiction of a struggling scene in the over composition.
The first group of artists included various scenes of street landscapes with descriptive detail of the urban life, which each artist accomplished by capturing different angles to show individual perspectives. For example, Over the House Tops by Karl Struss reveal multiple brick roof tops throughout the entire composition, which shares a repetition of geometric shapes within each roof there’s more figures underneath them. The viewer can see endless shapes that lie in each individual structure like the rectangular bricks that hold together the roof along with the square shaped windows and the long vertical chimneys that stick out in each figure. Also, the different texture quality of the surfaces that are shown throughout this scene depict various forms of precise details in the exterior of the structures. This image is more of an…

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