An Analysis Of Annette Lemieux 's ' The Meaning Of Serena Williams '

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Annette Lemieux’s Left Right Left Right, consists of thirty black and white photographs nailed to wooden pine poles, depicting raised fists. Some of the images include the fists of important societal figures such as Martin Luther King Jr., Richard Nixon and Jane Fonda. The other images include anonymous fists of a sailor, a preacher and a concertgoer at Woodstock. Together, the fists raised in unison suggest the idea of a protest, while the use of the poles convey the idea that the photographs are indeed picket signs to be used by the protesters. In relation to Claudia Rankine’s “The Meaning of Serena Williams”, the two are similar in the sense that they provoke a natural attraction of the black community. Rankine’s essay is centered around the idea of Serena’s black excellence, corresponding to the raised fists in Lemieux’s art piece, as the raised fist symbolizes black pride. The idea of protest is relevant in both works, however, Lemieux’s piece presents a vague interpretation of the idea. This is in stark contrast to Rankine’s essay, where the idea of protest is clear and specific to the fact that Serena encountered struggles throughout her career as a result of her race. The beauty in both Rankine’s essay and Lemieux’s art piece, is that they both provide a specific lens for understanding the other. Claudia Rankine’s essay perfectly portrays Serena Williams’ career in relation to her race. While the essay is specifically centered around Serena, the representation…

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