An American Childhood By Annie Dillard Essay

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In the autobiography “An American Childhood” written by Annie Dillard, Dillard wrote about one of her unforgettable memories that left her disillusioned because of her misconception about an adult’s view of life. On the other hand, Saira Shah, in her article, “Longing to Belong”, she wrote about how her dreams of being part of her “original culture” crashed by a single incident that make her realize that the reality is not the same as what she expected. Therefore, it is clear that both of the writers in these two essays together experienced and portrays disappointment in their essays. To be specific, both of them felt disappointed after what they want the most in their life is not like what they think it should be. In other words, they learnt that all the things that they dreamt of could not come true and would not be the best thing in their life.
In the essay “An American Childhood”, Dillard illustrates her feelings of disappointment by using the word “perfunctorily” when she wanted to explain the chaser’s action after the chaser caught them and called them stupid. The word “perfunctorily” in this context really shows how unacceptable the chaser’s action in Dillard’s eye. Dillard felt so disappointed by what had happened on that day, as it was not the same as what she expected to happen. She wanted more from the redheaded man by expecting him to continue the “game” by punishing them. On the other hand, in “Longing to Belong” by Saira Shah, she showed her feelings of…

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