American Literature : The Pursuit Of Freedom Essay

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Throughout time literature has had profound impacts on society, questioning and challenging society, and dictating the way in which people lived their life’s. American literature, though derived from English literature has developed its own twist on writing. This is due to the special philosophy of life and freedom associated with America’s beginning that is reflected in literature; the hope and desire for freedom from religious prosecution and from the control of European countries. As a result, this new country fostered yearning for a place in society. For this reason, aspirations of freedom, quests for identity, and self reliance are prevalent throughout American literature, making it different than any other type literature, and truly unique.
Theme is one of the most important aspects of literature, it represents a main or underlying topic that expresses an opinion on the subject of a narrative. A distinctive feature in American literature is a theme relating to the pursuit of freedom. Many believed achieving freedom was their goal, one worth risking their lives to fulfill. Writers such as Thomas Jefferson in his Declaration of Independence and Thomas Paine in his The American Crisis risked everything in order to inspire and unite American patriots, and stand up to their British oppressors. One of Jefferson’s most important statements in the Declaration of Independence is that everyone has “certain unalienable rights” and that this includes “life, liberty, and the…

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