America 's Creating Anglo America Essay

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Chapter 3- Creating Anglo-America, 1660-1750
1- Slavery in America was not solely created of prejudice as there were other event that played a role in the creation of American Slavery. Slavery was needed in the the Colonies because there was a lack of workers. Workers were needed and Natives weren 't as reliable as African slaves, so the Transatlantic Trade Route was created. with the spread of tobacco growing at high rates someone need to work on the plantations. The work force also shifted to slaves from indentured servants because of Bacon’s Rebellion, where indentured serves revolted and burned Jamestown to the ground. many people did not want another uprising and decided that it would be safer to used slaves instead. Prejudice also made African Slavery easier because people already thought of africans as savages and it was easier to have a dehumanized race placed into slavery.

2- The actions of King James II were perceived as threats to New England as well as the colonies because he restricted many of the liberties that both were used to. King James had restricted many of the colonies charters, which didn 't allow the colony to make a written form of government. He made its colonies were not allowed to elect representatives and that town meetings were no allowed. The greatest action that was perceived as a threat was that many laws that imposed taxes were created and placed on both New England and the colonies.

3- King Philip’s War, Bacon’s Rebellion, and the Salem…

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